Monday, March 30, 2015

Days of future past (story )

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X men: Days Of  Future Past

This post is not about the X men new movie series  Days OF FUTURE PAST……

It is about my unusual dream. In my dream I got chance to go in my past to change my future, which is similar to situation like in the movie when Wolverine go to his past to change future.

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Sometimes we really wish to get such power so that we could change our past and make our future better.  But what will happen if we really get such kind of power.

Want to know? Here’s my dream:-

Image result for crying kid clipartEvery  time  I wished  if I ever  could change my past mistakes  ,so  that  night  God grant my wish.  When I wake up   I was in stage of my Primary schooling in 5th class i.e. 10yr girl .But I still remember what have happened, which means I still remember about my present life.  I didn’t wasted the time that day and whatever mistakes I have committed I tried  to improve it.

Firstly, in my 5th class I was very   timid   type of kid, who uses to cry at every bad thing, happens to her, like after getting scolding from class teacher, I use to cry in front everyone in class. Because of my behavior other kids look at me with inferiority. That day in school I didn’t cry at all. In fact I acted like I am some kind of princess   and made some cronies. I made the note of it so that my past self could get help from it. I closed my eyes not knowing what will happen next.   

When I opened my eyes I was changed.  I was in middle school stage i.e. 13 yr girl. When I used to have blunt-short shoulder level hair cut.  Although at that time I  have friends but I was the stupidest one from all.  My friends make fun of me due to my stupid kind of behavior.  I wanted to change my stupidity into intelligence. So that time I change all characters into smart intelligent girl.

Next time when I opened my eyes I was in my teenage stage or I should say high school stage. I was 16yr girl, the time when I committed most of the mistakes of my life.  Like every young teen I did have crush at this stage of life. My crush was some boy of my neighborhood and I stalk him and was mad about him. And one day he broke my heart due which I started feeling low and developed hateful behavior toward him. As I have gone through this stage I really wanted to change every thing. I made my heart strong enough to take pain of love, and I diverted all my attention toward my studies. Thus I became good in my studies and had no silly crush on any boy.

When all three stages of my life have been changed ,so now I thought of what could be next. And when I open my eyes I was Surprised. I was in different place, which was not my room.  A man was looking at me and was constantly smiling. His face look familiar but he was not my boyfriend. He was looking me with intimacy which I felt through his eyes.  I wanted to  know why I feel so different . I stand in front of mirror to have a look on myself.  I was shocked.  My face has become chubby and I looked fat and I could see swelling near my abdomen. A woman enters my room and wished me Good morning. She offered me tea, but I was still looking at my reflection in the mirror. I   asked her why I am looking so fat and why my belly is swollen like one pregnant women. She said “ you are pregnant ,that’s why you are looking one” I was shocked ,how could this happen  I am just in my early 20s and  I said  “no! ,this couldn’t  happen .Meri  toh shaadi  bhi  nahi  hui .”  

“ Achha , aisa hai kya ? ,then ask your husband” She said that looking at man who was earlier looking at me  . And when she called his name, I was shocked.  And at that moment I understood why he looked so familiar. (Well by now most of you have known why I was shocked.)  I started crying said “ye nahi ho sakta, how could it be. He is one I hated most in my life”. I literally started bursting up in tears. I never thought of making changes in past to get such future.  Whatever I have wanted for my future was not this.

Although I wanted my own  family but before that I wanted my own career.   I wanted to get marry to  someone who know me very well and  not some person  who  rejected  me for what  I am.

I was in tears, all the changes which I have made  have changed  my present  ,  my future and the real person  I am.
And then alarm rang loudly, but I was busy in crying. That when I open my eyes it took some time for me to realize that whatever I saw was just a dream.

Conclusion: - We always regret for whatever mistake we have done in past. That we forget that whatever we are today is just because of the things we have done in our past.


saumya shri said...

nice :D

Anema Lakra said...

thanks DI,I hope in future i will give you some more interesting stories.