Monday, April 13, 2015

Letter to MY HELMET.

Helmet wearing is made compulsory for two wheeler drivers in Bhopal.  People ignore wearing helmet for their own personal reasons. But I have so many reasons to say that I love my helmet and I never will ignore it.

I still remember the first time when my father asked me to wear helmet and I was making excuses of not wearing it like “it will ruin my hair style, and my head feels heavy etc”. But now I thank him for suggesting me to wear helmet. 

myself  on scooter

I remember how In college my classmate make my fun because of my looks when I wear helmet and drive, even they gave me tag names  like pot head and astronaut on two wheel etc. and  I  feel bad  because I was the only two wheeler driver in my class who wore helmet. I have to use helmet because of my father who said that “you are still learning to drive and helmet is for your safety.”

One day it was my luck and my dearest helmet that I got saved. It was actually a stray dog who suddenly came running in front my scooter which didn’t give me time to put brakes. It was my first major accident. It  was a sudden hit that I with my scooter rolled on road. I got minor injuries but my head got saved because of helmet. My scooter got many dent in front of mudguard, but that stray dog was still alive giving barks on me. Some people who were walking by helped me and gave me first aid.

I thanked God that day for saving me and promised to keep helmet with me while driving. This accident was not the only accident when my helmet saved my life, sometimes when there are fools on the road and when you become victims of their foolishness. This is your only friend you could trust.

I recently saw ad of road safety India (click link to watch ad on YouTube)on TV, in which a salesman was selling human heads to a couples who were driving in motorbike.  They asked him why they would buy these heads, they already have one. The sales man said “keep it, when you get injury in head  replace it with new one because after road accident you will need new head .”  The couples understand what mistake they were doing and started wearing helmets.

Thus this is my first gratitude letter to my dearest Helmet.



I am very grate full to you. You have been my sincere and most trustworthy friend.  I really thank you to save my life at so many times. You not only save my life but also save me from unnecessary chaalan of traffic police. I will never ignore you. Even when you are dull ,old fashion and heavy to wear .You  have been  my savior  all these years  my dear helmet, even at times of rainy days and sunny days.
Now you are the most important part of my life.

Yours sincerely


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