Thursday, April 2, 2015

Witch giggle! ( Story)

Have you ever seen witch Or have witness any supernatural presence? 

Have you seen anyone getting possessed? 


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Snow White Witch

There are times in life when we get scared of are own shadows , or we feel that someone standing behind us.But when we turn back we find no one.
One such incident happened with my roommate long time ago. I and my roommate have our beds at different corners of room. My bed was near window so that I could get fresh air. Her bed was near wall so that she could stick wall poster. We were roommates not by choice but by fate, because we were siblings. We sisters have to share our room. My sister is five year elder than me. She is dominating by nature, but has sweetest heart in the world. 

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We sister uses slang words for each other while having conversations like ‘Moti, Behri, Bitch’ etc. (You know how real sisters love each other.) One day we were fighting on some petty issue, and we were barking at each other very loudly. “You witch!  Let me show you how to behave.” She said to me with aggression. I was scared but I could not hold my anger longer so I said “you are such a bitch. I will never talk to you again.” I went outside room crying to complain my mother that I want a separate room and told her every bitter word my sister said to me. In short I was doing ‘Chugali’ of her to my mother.
My mother is unbiased in nature, so she called my sister to hear her side of  story. I was satisfied that finally there is someone who could scare my sister. But it didn’t work out as I planned. Mother scolded me as well because I have messed up the room and she got scolding for calling me witch. Mother told her she didn’t expected such kind of behavior from her. Calling witch to someone is not a good thing.  That day my sister was not in a good mood, and I was very sure if I did another mischievous thing she will kill me.

At night I slept early, because I don’t want to get another scolding from my sister. She was awake till 11:30pm because she was completing some assignment. After that I was woken by my sister in the midnight with a slap on my face and she was shaking me saying ‘Utah, Anne Utah! Kya ho Gaya hai tujhe? It took some time for me to open my eyes. I thought its morning so I asked “is it morning, what time it is? I will get late for school.” She said ‘nahi, it’s still mid night and why were you  laughing like mad.You scared me.’

My sister told me when she wake up to go loo, she heard someone of giggling. She thought it was her imagination but when she heard it again she got scared. And came near my bed to wake me but, after seeing me she got shocked because I was the one who was giggling constantly with closed eyes. She thought I was possessed by witch or something, because in that condition also I was babbling something like one of those possessed by ghost. She was scared because she has never seen me like that ever.

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Seeing her scared and worried so much, I was enjoying it.  I didn’t  reveal her that I was dreaming one  of my silly dreams , in which  I was seeing her getting scolding from mother. We slept after that. And next morning was the best morning I ever had.  My sister said sorry for calling me a witch and all petty issues were solved. She did ask me what actually happen to me and to scare her more I said smirkingly “I don’t know, maybe I was possessed”. Although later when my sister  told this incident to my mother, and she said sometimes due to stress and experience of past event we talk while sleeping and sometimes walk. (For knowing  in detail, why we sleep talk).

PS :-In this entire incident many good things happened, my sister doesn’t fight with me much because of this witch incident and secondly everyone start taking my extra care (only for few days.)

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