Saturday, May 16, 2015

Being discriminated

It‘s about a girl whom I have met long time ago. I only know her by face and that we belong to same community.

When I first met her, I saw her dancing in folk song. She was good at dance floor and I was struggling with my dance steps.She taught me one or two quick steps that I really liked her company.
That time we were just teens of 13 -14 yrs. It was a marriage party where we all were enjoying. I never asked her about her name, because we were so much involved in dance . She was in simple dress i.e. suit and salwar, village attire and have dark complexion. Music was loud and  we were enjoying in ourselves.

Suddenly I was pulled aside by some of my high standard friends. They said to me “what are doing? Why are you dancing with dehati!”(Dehati means rural and uncultured person.) 

I said “who are you talking about?”  They pointed to that girl who taught me folk dance steps. They told me that the girl belongs to a very low status family where girls are not send to school. They also told me some nonsense things about girl character and how she has reputation for trapping rich boys of community to fulfill her monetary needs.

For a few minute I was really got confused whom to believe my friends or that innocent eyes of that girl. After that day I never met her or tried to talk to her because I thought that she was inferior from us.

But few days before, I saw her in a super market. She is working there earnestly. My thoughts really changed and startled over the quirk of fate.
 I really felt bad about my corrupt thoughts which I had earlier about her and how my friends differentiate her because of her education, her looks and family status. 

There are still some narrow minded people who categorize others on just basis of their looks and status.
I never thought how she has felt when others make fun of her, separate her out of group. Look her with disgust.
But today she is doing a job, living an independent life and supporting her family.
PS: - We all might have done same  mistakes of discriminating someone on basis of looks. We have never ever thought of the other side. May be that person also feel same way about us and we are bad company for them.


Anema Lakra said...

to my reader ,
if you see any grammatical and spelling mistakes ,please inform. so that i could correct my writing skills.

lala ji said...

right... u know what is the main problem behind all of this matter's is POOR mentality...