Friday, May 29, 2015


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Everyone got some hidden talent in them. Some are good at dance; some can sing well, some have talent of public speaking and some can do drawing and painting well.
It’s very good when you bring out your talent at professional level and live a life without even getting bored from it. I too wanted to live such life ……
But sometimes you cannot choose the ways and become confuse.
When I was in middle school, I always wanted to be a painter or a designing artist. It was my habit to play with colors and doodle in my sketch book. I wanted to join some art school for my higher studies. But my family has entirely different belief toward art. According to their belief drawing and other arts could be only hobbies for middle class family children that couldn’t be taken as profession to earn income.Image result for hidden talent quotes
Thus they never supported me and I lost hope. I have chosen a traditional subject for my studies because if I choose art as subject they wouldn’t support me financially.
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I have studied commerce for 7 years without any likeness and love for it. I still wonder why I am doing it.
My family expects me to become some bank officer or clerk, they wanted me to be good income earner.
But I have some other plans…..
It took 7 years for me to realize what actually I wanted from my life. I wanted to live my passion and express my inner soul through it.
Image result for hidden talent quotes
PS: - don’t worry if other don’t accept you for your abilities, they are jealous of you.


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