Friday, May 8, 2015

Letter to my Mom

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 My dear momma,
I love you so much, you already know this, even you know each feelings and things I try to hide. I have never written before letter to you to express my love and gratitude to you, as you are always there in front me to share and talk. And writing letter to you is very new for both us, as we both are in habit of face to face conversation.
You have been part of my life, without whom I would not able to survive.  I still have the faint memories of  nursery school when you  holded my hand till I stop crying. You have been with me till the teacher said “parents are not allowed in class”. I have always known you are there waiting for me to come home from school.
You are my first teacher who taught me new things I know now. You always taught me to be honest, never cheat and never tell lies. Be sober and good mannered. Even you also taught me to never overlook life and face challenges and you are still holding my hand so that I never feel left alone and fall in darkness of the world.
Even when I have lost hope and started being depressed you were there for me.
 Some times when I was arrogant and started being brainless, you already knew what mistake I have done and try to correct and warn me. You were always there to protect me like a shield.
Whenever Di and I have arguments, I knew you are there to take my side but also correct me whenever I am wrong. You are always there for me and you have always assured me that you will never leave me .
My sweet mother.
When I see your smiling face with those yellow crooked teeth, I know you are happy for us. But I could also read those unspoken fears, those tensions which mothers always have for  daughter's future.  And whenever you try to bring out those topics to share I try to ignore it by saying “mummy, abhi iss issue pe baat shuru nhi karo na”. I regret saying those words .Now when I have attained a little maturity, I understand your difficulties of being my mother.
I am sorry momma; I couldn’t become your best daughter ……your perfect daughter. I have never showed gratitude to you for every sacrifices and efforts you and papa made for us and our family.  I love you momma and I wish someday I would be like you and I promise that I will be as strong as you are, as patient as you are always with me. I also promise that I will try to give the same virtues to your future grandchild or grandchildren the way you have given me.
Thank you momma for being my sweetest, patient mother and tolerating my all nakaras!
-Your daughter.

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