Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Marriage is important of stage life

When I was kid I never understood the real meaning of marriage. For me it was a ceremony every one attend and gave gifts to bride –groom. When later I became teenager I started having fantasy of my own marriage but never ever seriously thought of it.  We friends even play games of fake marriages and who will be my future groom etc. that time I only know about one trend of marriage which is called Arrange marriage. In this type of marriage our life partner is selected by our parents and we only give our approval for marriage.  Now  after  becoming  an adult  and knowing   about different  trends of marriage  I am  totally confused about my future .  Modern day India’s have so many options regarding marriages that it will take your whole life to decide which one the best and right kind of marriage.

The trends of marriage I  have heard are- 

  • ·         Arrange marriage
  • ·         Love marriage
  • ·         Arrange +love marriage
  • ·         Runaway + love marriage
  • ·         Online marriage ( most recent trend) 
And many more ....  according to religious and culture belief you could do, if you really wish to get married.

 These things are actually about one’s own choice, but the really point is what are the situations once goes through if he/she wants to get or don’t want to get married.

 After  seeing and hearing  so many  marriage  stories  of some people around   , I only  get into  one conclusion that -
 Marriage  is important of stage life where you want to share your life with someone  who is ready  to bear you with your  merits and demerits.  It also involves your love and understanding for person you want to get married actually and sometimes adjustments of life time with the person you have married.

If you think that here I am going to write about  my marriage story than you are wrong. Actually I am still unmarried and wish to get married sooner or later, which ever will happen.  But  I have complains  for many of my  friends who got married so early like they want to catch fast train and didn’t bother  to invite me.(I am feeling jealous.)

I wish! I was present at their marriage ,so that I could write their marriage stories.
But I also respect their privacy.

When I think about my marriage my personal choice is Arrange + love marriage where everyone will be happy, but who knows how future surprises us.


I wish everyone who are getting married and have married recently.

God shower his blessings on your matrimonial life.

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