Monday, March 30, 2015

Days of future past (story )

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X men: Days Of  Future Past

This post is not about the X men new movie series  Days OF FUTURE PAST……

It is about my unusual dream. In my dream I got chance to go in my past to change my future, which is similar to situation like in the movie when Wolverine go to his past to change future.

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Sometimes we really wish to get such power so that we could change our past and make our future better.  But what will happen if we really get such kind of power.

Want to know? Here’s my dream:-

Friday, March 27, 2015

Is rejection is better than breakup?

Image result for broken relationshipI don't remember exact words he said to me at that moment, but I clearly remember  his  words means  "no".
Which meant  he  rejected  me and  for that I always  thanks him.

Do you think a girl could propose a boy? 
Than, the answer  is  "yes". In my views She can. And what if her proposal is rejected?
 Well! , for sometime she will cry ,she will feel like  she is not good enough or not beautiful. Sometimes she may question herself like "mujh main kya kami  hai? " etc etc.
But trust  me getting an honest rejection  is much better than being cheated or fooled for her whole life.
 I really thank that person who showed me the brighter side of this rejection thing .
 We usually hear stories where ,a boy proposes and girls rejects. Many jokes like" girls are like trains .  one goes  , another comes." 
 But what if a girl proposes and boy rejects. It means  " either  that boy loves some other girl, 
or he is gay:0 , 
or he is totally not interested.  So HEY! GIRL  MOVE ON......

Is rejection is better than  breakup?

   Yes, because in rejection  there are always chances of improvement where as in  breakup you can't  improve what  already is destroyed....(trust)

Nowadays  breakup is more common than rejection. Specially in teenagers , it have become like fashion  where you get in relation like  you get some new clothes or mobile phones.

Back in days of 90's when my elder sister use talk about love and relationship  , she  would always  give examples of movies like"kuch kuch hota hai , dil wale dulhaniya le jaye ge " etc etc. I use to make fun of her but breakup  in those times could cause big issues like  One would have  become  sad lyrics song writer  or a poet. 
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dil wale dulhaniya le jaye ge